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Discover the message the Universe has for you with an online and personalized Reading.

Monthly Vibes Tarot Readings

Weekly Tarot Readings by Sir Helder Amos
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Do you want to know what's coming for you?

Are you curious of what's going around in the Universe? 

Would you like to be ready and make the most of your life?

Keeping track of the Universe's Vibes each Month is very important to help us go with the flow of things that happen around us. 

I always like to conduct for myself a Tarot Reading a month, and I cannot count the infinite times I have benefited from knowing the month vibes in advance. 

The most shocking example was back on March 2020, when I pulled the Hermit for the monthly vibes and then in mid March we all had to go under quarantine.

So I fully understood that I shouldn't panic before the COVID-19 and instead profit from the quarantine time to do some inner work and reconnect with myself.

Because Monthly Vibes Tarot Readings can give you an insight of what you should or shouldn't do in order to keep the harmony and balance of the Universe by adapting to the flow of things that happen around us. 

Thinking on that, and that it will be only fair for everyone to be able to keep in track with their monthly vibes, I created a new subscription plan so you can, too, receive each month the Special Message or Advice that the Universe and my Tarot Cards have for you! 

The best of everything is that this type of readings are good for everyone, because who wouldn't like to know and be prepared for what is coming in the future?

I certainly do! 

And if you'd like to keep in track too, just Subscribe to any of my plans to start receiving the Amazing and Beautiful Message that awaits for you!

Always sending you lots of love and good vibes

Sir Helder Amos - Weekly Tarot

DISCLAIMER AND WAIVER: By subscribing to the Monthly Readings you fully understand that the message the cards have for you is for entertainment purposes only, and should not be taken as a fact or medical, judicial, financial or personal advice, releasing from any liability with the decision you make the Tarot Reader, since what the cards say is not fixed in stone and you have the power to build and make your own future with the actions and decisions you make today, so be wiser and trust your knowledge, experience and intuition to make the right decisions in life for yourself. 


Monthly Vibes Tarot Readings

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